Meth Lab Residue Testing Melton – The Meth Epidemic

Meth in its Crystal Form

Meth labs are appearing all over Australia, causing a Meth Epidemic. Certain cities and states are in the center of this epidemic, such as Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The illegal stimulant Methamphetamine are produced in “Meth labs”. A Meth Lab can virtually take place anywhere, from a small operation that can fit in a backpack or car boot to a large commercial operation. Due to its characteristic to be produced with common household items and ingredients and with limited experience, this makes the drug very prevalent.

The Danger of Meth Residue Decontamination in Melton

Many properties are found to be meth labs in Melton

The manufacturing of meth involves mixing hazardous and volatile chemicals that can cause explosions. Furthermore, meth residue is created as a byproduct and sticks to various surfaces inside a house. Meth residue is often invisible and odourless, making it even harder to notice and detect.

The real danger is when innocent people unknowingly come in contact with meth residue, whether on the floor, on the walls or any other contaminated surfaces. This can lead to several health risks.

Health risks can include intoxication, nausea, dizziness, and lack of coordination, pulmonary edema, serious respiratory problems, severe chemical burns and damage to internal organs and even greater when ingesting those chemicals.

How to spot a meth lab Melton

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Telltale signs of a drug lab

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Professional Meth Testing Services Melton

The Need for Professional Meth Lab Cleaners

Because of the risk of getting in contact with meth residue contamination in a property in Melton, a someone who remove and decontaminate meth needs to be experienced and trained specially for meth decontamination to be a meth cleaner. As the number of meth labs increases around Australia and Melton, so does the need for experienced meth remediation technicians

Our Melbourne Meth Lab Remediation technicians follow a strict and proven process to provide our Australian clients in Melton a successful methamphetamine remediation.

Meth lab testing Melton

Our Meth Lab Cleaners remediation team can be sent in a matter of time in regional Victoria for Meth Testing in properties and decontaminate properties after a remediation plan is set. We can assist with the entire decontamination process from pre meth residue testing Melton, cleaning and decontamination to post cleanup testing.

Meth Lab Cleaners Melton provide property owners both a pre and post meth lab forensic testing results. Pre forensic testing allows property owners to reduce costs dramatically by separating only areas contaminated with meth and automatically discarding items too contaminated to be cleaned.

Meth Residue Test Kits Melton – Drug Residue Test Kit for Homes

What’s a DIY Meth Test Kit?

DIY Meth Test Kits are readily available for anyone without the experience in meth testing to test for the presence of meth. They are relatively cheap, simple to use, comes with full instruction cards and can give an almost instant result on meth contamination within 5 minutes, giving positive or negative result. If you are living in Melton, you can purchase meth test kits online.

Packs of 5 Meth Test Kits are available to buy online in Melton

A DIY Meth Test Kit

Bear in mind that a Meth Test Kit costs from 60$ – 120$ while a meth cleaning costs can be in the range of $10,000. Testing each room of your property before allows you to only choose which areas to be remediated, which can save you lots in remediation costs.

How to test your house for meth?

Using Meth Testing Kits

Easy to use and instant results and tells if the contamination is higher than 0.5ug/100cm². However, it does not give an exact reading on the meth contamination levels, only if meth is present.

Laboratory Composite Meth Testing

Up to 10 samples are analysed together, giving an average result of contamination levels inside the whole property.

Individual Laboratory Meth Testing

Samples from each room are analysed individually in a lab, giving an accurate reading room-by-room. The most accurate but also the most the expensive option.

More details on advantages and cons on Meth Residue Testing

Meth Lab Cleanup & Remediation

How to clean drug residue at home?

You should not try to remove and clean meth by yourself as this discipline requires extensive training and experience to do it successfully and make a Melton property safe to live again. Do not put yourself and other people at risk and get help from professionals.

Meth lab cleaning cases can vary a lot house by house, and regular cleaners using household items will not remove meth residue or any chemicals present in your Melton property.

Meth residue cleaning requires a number of strict and essentials steps followed by trained meth residue decontamination technicians to ensure the property is left in a non-hazardous, habitable state.

We have meth testing training courses for anyone interested in becoming a Biohazard Remediation Technician

How to clean drug residue in a car?

Some vehicles that were stolen and recovered often present meth residue on various surfaces including dangerous items. Items found in cars can include sharps, hypodermic needles used for meth administration. Similar as properties, meth car decontamination can be very expensive so ensure to test for meth residue using DIY Meth Test Kits. More information for vehicles on Sharps First.

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