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Home Drug Testing Kits for Methamphetamine allows anyone to test their house in Wodonga and regional Victoria if there is meth residue left on surface, either due to production or consumption. Australia has the highest number of Methamphetamine users per capita in the world. Although it is difficult to determine if the usage has increased over the past years, data from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey in 2016 suggested that the overall rates of methamphetamine usage have declined recently. In contrast, people who are already using methamphetamine have reported more regular and frequent use. If you have any concerns, see our FAQ below Most drug labs (70%) are found in residential areas whether you live in Wodonga or anywhere in regional Victoria, concealed from unsuspected people. This not only poses a threat to anyone living in the vicinity, but poses a higher threat to anyone living, buying, or renting the house. The consumption, handling or storage of meth produces meth residue that sticks onto surfaces inside a house that result to the same level of contamination found in meth labs where methamphetamine is made. The usage and production of meth produces toxic chemicals associated which are easily transported in the air through ventilation systems and heaters.

DIY Meth Test kit Wodonga

The DIY Meth Test Kits Wodonga are a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable method to detect meth residue, saving our clients precious time and money. To ensure their properties are safe and free from meth contamination, a DIY Meth Testing Kit provides a discrete and fast result under 5 minutes. If you are worrying there is a meth lab in your property and would like test for meth in your house in Wodonga you can purchase online easily through our site. If you are in the business of testing houses for methamphetamine or wanting to set up a new business, then fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

What to do if you suspect Meth Residue Contamination in Wodonga or Regional Victoria

The best thing to do is to use our DIY Instant meth test kits that can give you an almost instant result whether your Wodonga property is contaminated or not. Depending on the size of your property such as number of rooms to be tested, you might want to get a pack of 3, 5 or 10. If the test reveals positive and if the contamination levels shows less than the Australia standard of 0.5microgram/100cm2, further lab testing may be required before a remediation plan can be conducted. They come full instruction manual on how to use them efficiently so that you can report the findings to a relevant authority or reliable company such as us as we are present throughout Australia, Victoria and Wodonga. Our team will be able to answer calls 24/7 if required. Call 1300 522 837 or get us to call you instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a property stay contaminated from Meth residue?

There has been little research into contamination levels over time however there have been several cases reported in Australia and overseas where tenants have become sick after living in contaminated properties (unbeknown to them, months and even years after the meth lab is gone. Real life tests showed that after meth residue are deposited on surfaces, they do not degrade to any significant either degree, for years. Several cases in the U.S reported same levels of meth residue contamination even 8 years after the property has been declared inhabitable.

How to tell if a property was previously a drug house?

In some properties there can be obvious signs that a home may have been used to manufacture Methamphetamine. These signifiers include but are not limited to, chemistry apparatus like beakers or Bunsen burners, sticky red or yellow residue on surfaces, excessive chemical containers, or gas cannisters, strange odours, fire pits and drug paraphernalia. In more cases that we see it is difficult to tell that something untoward has happened within a home. Sometimes it comes to light through reports from neighbours or residents detecting an odd smell or feeling unwell. The best way to determine if your home may have been used to manufacture methamphetamine or if it was smoked within the property is conduct Methamphetamine Residue Testing.

What do I do if I get a positive result using the Kit?

If you get a positive result from the DIY Meth Residue Testing Kit, we recommend further testing to determine the specific levels and locations of contamination within the property. This is important as it will determine how safe it is for the residents of the home and will guide the remediation process. We have trained Methamphetamine Residue Testing Technicians throughout Australia that can attend your property to conduct a full analysis, submit the samples to a NATA Accredited Laboratory and then provide a full report on the testing procedure and its findings, and finally provide comprehensive remediation plan and quote should the property require decontamination.

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