How to tell if someone is on ICE? ICE, also known methamphetamine, crystal meth, speed or just meth comes in different forms and be used in different ways such as snorting its powder form, injection, orally or smoking it. Injection and smoking lead to more intense high than taking it orally or snorting. Meth users report to experience a rush and extremely pleasurable sensation that can last from four to eight hours, or longer.
The euphoric effects of ICE can be intense but dissipate rapidly, causing a crash that often bring people to take more of the drug in order to maintain the high and lead to devastating consequences in their life. Although an extremely dangerous process, meth can be produced out of household products, making it one of the most threatening drugs in the world.

What does meth look like?

Methamphetamine can take different forms. Usually, it appears as a white or light brown crystalline powder that present no odour and dissolves easily. Crystal meth, on the other hand are transparent chunky crystals that look like shards of glass, hence the name “ICE”.

Signs of Meth Usage:

Common signs and items that can tell if someone is using ICE:

  • Glass pipes
  • Small pieces of aluminium foil or soda cans with holes on the side
  • Syringes

People who are on or abusing meth or ICE can exhibit some physical and behavioural signs such as hyperactivity and mood swings, extreme weight loss and talkativeness.

Behavioural Signs

  • Grinding of teeth and jaw clenching
  • Extreme energy that can lead to several days without sleep
  • Reduce of appetite
  • Sudden outbursts and mood swings, aggressive behaviour
  • Excessive Nervousness
  • Constantly talking
  • Paranoia and hallucinations
  • Compulsive scratching of the skin caused by the sensation of having bugs crawling under the skin
  • Body overheat, causing the user to be sweating profoundly and out of breath
  • Unsafe sexual behaviour caused by boost of sex drive
  • Withdrawal, secretive behaviour, social isolation

Physical Signs

  • Severe and rapid weight loss caused by loss of appetite
  • Dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes
  • Skin lesions caused by compulsive picking of the skin or hair
  • Uncontrolled and rapid twitching of the eyes and body
  • Tooth decay
  • Nosebleed
  • Burn marks
  • Strong body odour caused by the subject to forget to wash
  • Premature aging

If you suspect a house to host meth users or contain meth residue, get in touch with us immediately.