Each meth residue cleaning case is different, and the price can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the home, number of rooms, the general level and each room level of contamination and whether the toxic chemicals have spread across the property through air vents.

Meth residue can spread over porous surfaces such as carpet, draperies, blinds, wall and ceiling lines that require to be disposed as special waste, resulting in price from 5 to 10s of thousands of dollars.

Direct exposure to meth contaminated surfaces in houses can put you in serious health risk. Meth residue decontamination requires stringent and methodical processes followed by trained and certified technicians. Only professional services from a specialized and reliable company can help into making your property safe for inhabiting again, whether it is for you, your current or future tenants.

To enquire about costs associated with meth residue clean-up, you can contact us by mail or call 1300 522 837.