Most of the properties tested positive for meth residue are from “recreational use” of the drug instead of its manufacturing, although both can result in the same levels of contamination.

As a general guideline, the “safe” limit of contamination is 0.5µg/100cm², which corresponds to less than half than 1/1000th of a gram in an area of 10cm by 10cm square.

The toxic gases that contaminated a room often travel in other rooms and outside through air vents, heaters and any other means of airborne transportation.

Meth residue is invisible to the naked eye and is odourless, which makes it impossible for a normal person to clean meth residue by themselves. Porous surfaces, such as carpets, wall and ceiling linings, furniture, curtains and most personal belongings can’t be cleaned and have to be disposed.

The best advice we can give is to hire specialized services from a company in methamphetamine residue cleaning who only employs trained and certified technicians. Samples will need to be collected before moving further with the clean-up process or lab test.

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