It is the chemical residue from the precursors of methamphetamine that lead to contamination in a structure. There are several cases in Australia where tenants reported sick living in contaminated properties without their knowledge months or years after the meth lab has been removed. As a general rule, meth contamination does NOT degrade over time. Methamphetamine residue is a relatively “sticky” synthetic material that deposits onto interior surfaces (from manufacturing, handling or “recreational use”) and stay there for extended periods of time. Real life tests showed that after meth residue are deposited on surfaces, they do not degrade to any significant either degree, for years. Several cases in the U.S reported same levels of meth residue contamination even 8 years after the property has been declared inhabitable.

Owning or occupying a property contaminated by meth residue exposes you to serious health and financial risk. If you suspect your property to hold some meth residue, get in touch with us at Meth Testing Solutions immediately or call 1300 522 837.