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Whether you are planning to rent or buy a property and you are uncertain if it has already been contaminated by meth residue, there are several options available for testing and assess the levels of contamination. Meth contamination hardly leaves any visible signs. Because of that, any property you rent, or purchase could be already affected by meth contamination without anyone noticing until detrimental symptoms start to appear on your health. The best way for homeowners or tenants to protect themselves from heavy financial liability and health consequences is to carry a meth residue testing through a reliable and professional service.

New research has shown a frightening upward trend of methamphetamine consumption and manufacturing in Australian homes. Meth residue present in property can lead to heavy financial and health issues to tenants and owners and is a major cause of concern. Frequent meth smoking in houses can lead to the same levels of contamination found in places where meth is manufactured.

Melbourne meth testing solutions offer cost effective and reliable services for all circumstances. We provide affordable and efficient services for various cases of meth contamination in meth.

Depending on your situation, different choices are available to you:

Option 1 – Instant Meth Testing Kits

3 x Pack Meth Testing Residue DIY

Our meth testing kits solutions is a reliable way for real estate agents, homeowners and building inspections to carry a rapid DIY meth testing in properties. Our rapid DIY meth test kits return results within minutes and allows you to assess if your property returns positive or negative in meth contamination.
Meth testing kits are very easy to use and come up with an instruction manual and DIY meth testing form that will take you through the process of carrying the test and assessing results.

Meth testing kits should be a pre-purchase tool before buying your next home or investment property or for current tenants to assess of meth contamination in order to ensure the future tenants are protected against potential harmful effects of Ice.

Packs of 3, 5 and 10 Do it yourself (DIY) instant meth testing kits are available for purchase online

Advantages: Instant Meth Testing Kits

  • Easy to use – DITH Meth testing kits are simple to use and the instructions are very straightforward
  • Rapid results – In under minutes, get either positive or negative results
  • Discretion – DIY meth testing kits allow for discreet inspections without the need of entire inspection process with formal documentation

Disadvantages: Instant Meth Testing Kits

  • No Exact Reading – DIY meth test kit display contaminations over 0.5ug/100cm² but not the actual level
  • No Remediation Action Plan (RAP) – Further testing is required if the testing shows positive levels before carrying a remediation plan
  • Additional Costs – More costs are involved when the results show positive, and a further laboratory may be required

Option 2 – Laboratory Composite Meth Testing

Lab picture of meth testing lab in Melbourne

A Laboratory Composite Meth Testing may be required where meth contamination is suspected. During the onsite inspection we take different individual samples to assess if there is meth contamination.
The inspection is carried by trained sampling technicians and samples are sent for testing to an accredited laboratory. An extraction from each individual tube is taken and combined into one sample for an accurate and cost-effective analysis. The evidential report is record and sent to the client.
The Laboratory Composite Meth Residue Test determines accurately and rapidly if the test reveals positive or negative results with meth contamination to the client.

Advantages: Composite Meth Testing

  • Accuracy – Up to 10 samples from different rooms are analysed together and give not only a positive or negative result but an accurate reading of the theoretical contamination levels for all parts of the property concerned.
  • Cost Effective – the cost to the client is lower because the screening company is being charged for one reading
  • Professional Insight – The client receives insightful and actionable advice on the current property situation by our trained sampling technicians

Disadvantages: Composite Meth Testing

  • No Exact Reading – The actual level in each room is not given, but only the ‘average’ result from all samples taken is giving by the laboratory composite meth residue testing
  • No Remediation Action Plan (RAP) – Because the levels of contamination are only indicative of the whole property but not each individual room, we can’t proceed to a remediation action plan without further testing
  • Additional Costs – More costs are involved when the results show positive, and a further laboratory may be required

Option 3 – Individual Laboratory Meth Testing

Methamphetamine lab photo

A detection of meth contamination by the Laboratory Composite Testing of levels higher than 0.5ug/100cm² will require individual samples collected to be analysed.

For anyone needing to do an individual room testing to see how much meth contamination is spread across the property, the Discrete Forensic Assessment is a perfect method.
Discrete Laboratory Testing provides the client with enough information to allow them to make the best decision while ensuring no unnecessary costs are spent, and the evidential report generated is sent to the client by the lab with additional recommendations. A Remediation Action Plan (RAP) can be created with the Discrete Forensic Assessment.

Once the remediation is completed, another Discrete Laboratory Testing is carried to make sure the property is habitable.


  • Accurate Reading – Each sample is analysed individually so that all parts of the property can display not only a negative or positive result but an exact reading of contamination levels to the client
  • Professional Insight – Our trained technician collects the samples and as a result the client receives insightful and constructive advice on the state of the property
  • Remediation Action Plan – A Remediation Action Plan can be carried because each sample is analysed individually which gives an exact reading for each individual room.


  • Higher cost – Discrete Laboratory Testing requires sampling for each room of the property, plus the screening costs

For most prospective homebuyers, building and pest, asbestos and pool fence inspections are commonplace. However, with the growing ice epidemic, meth testing is now gaining traction. Just like any pre-purchase inspection, it is recommended renters, homebuyers and investors have meth testing completed before signing on the dotted line. Meth contamination statistic are on the rise with an estimated 60-80% of all positive contamination results occurring in rental properties.

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Meth Residue Clean Ups

Meth Residue Clean Ups

A Meth Residue Decontamination process requires specific important steps by a trained technician to ensure the property is left safe. Each meth decontamination varies in difficulty and can’t be carried by normal cleaners.

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Across Australia the use and manufacturing of meth is rising and so is the need for testing. Because meth residue is nearly invisible and odourless, it is recommended that a meth residue testing is carried before buying or renting a property.

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DIY Meth Test kit

DIY Meth Test Kits

Although pest inspection is common when buying a new property, meth inspection is less. A DIY Meth Test Kit is ideal to carry an initial meth residue contamination testing by yourself before deciding for a further testing or remediation process.

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With the growth of ice usage, a meth inspection becomes a necessity on the same level as pest, pool or building inspections. Learn more about our services, identifying contaminated areas and perturbing statistics.

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