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Meth residue decontamination

Meth decontamination needs to crucial steps as well as professional training. Learn more about it here.

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Meth Residue Testing in Melbourne

Meth Testing Melbourne is a nationwide leader in meth residue testing and education independent meth residue testing company servicing all metro and regional locations across Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide. Our risk management and meth testing services assist homeowners, real estate agents, renters and investors understand the risks associated with living in a meth contaminated property. Most importantly, we allow our clients make better-informed decisions, saving our money and heartache.


Purchasing, Leasing or Renting a Meth Contaminated Property

Living, renting or purchasing a property contaminated by methamphetamine is a real danger that devastate your mental, physical and financial health. As a consequence, it is essential that you reduce fear and uncertainty by conducting a meth residue testing in order to protect your investment or property from meth contamination.

Why do a house meth test?

Whether you are a homeowner, real estate agents, renter, investor or landlord, it is vital to make sure the property is safe before any tenants move in.

Meth testing in Australia

Meth contamination is a very real concern, is rarely visible but impacts our physical and financial health heavily. Your long-term health is seriously at risk due to the exposure of meth contamination and also a huge risk to your investment and assets. For these reasons, an early detection will dramatically reduce its effects on public health and recovery costs.

When you assess the safety of a property before leasing or purchasing, a meth residue testing acts as a preventive measure and benchmark against drug use and protects your assets and personal liability as a tenant, or property owner. Most importantly, a meth residue testing helps in fully documenting the history of a property and the value of its assets.


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Why Meth Contamination is a Substantial Problem

Due to its prevalent and treacherous use and production of methamphetamine, meth contamination represents in Australia a modern-day issue. The number of meth users in Australia represents the highest per capita in the Western world and is still increasing. Subsequently, meth labs and meth contaminated properties are rising in numbers year after year. Meth users represent a major cause of the contaminated properties discovered, although meth production itself is a major issue. Most importantly, the levels of meth residue contamination in a property used to smoke meth can be as significant as in the labs used for production.

An extended exposure to meth residue can cause several and severe health issues. Common symptoms include headaches, respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation and low immune system.

Charges and costs of a meth contaminated property clean-up

Monetarily, owning a property sullied by meth residue can result in significant financial trouble. Purification and clean-up of a property may require removing carpet, wall and ceiling lining, electrical fitting, air-conditioning units and insulation. Whereas insurance is sometimes available, the meth lab cleaning work is long and laborious and clean-up costs can change from $5,000 up to and in-excess of $40,000

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Real life tests showed that after meth residue are deposited on surfaces, they do not degrade to any significant either degree, for years. Several cases in the U.S reported same levels of meth residue contamination even 8 years after the property has been declared inhabitable. For this reason, meth decontamination is a specialist discipline that requires rigorous training not only in methamphetamine decontamination, but also remediating various biohazards.

More on this answer in our blog:

Do It Yourself Meth Test Kits are designed to be used by everyday people without the need for expensive lab testing. Each kit includes written instructions and a link to a video with step by step instructions to follow. DIY Home Meth Testing kits are only designed to give a positive or negative reading and should only be used as an indicative test to determine if your property is contaminated above safe levels.

You can easily buy meth test kits online on our website:

In some properties there can be obvious signs that a home may have been used to manufacture Methamphetamine. These signifiers include but are not limited to, chemistry apparatus like beakers or Bunsen burners, sticky red or yellow residue on surfaces, excessive chemical containers or gas cannisters, strange odours, fire pits and drug paraphernalia. In more cases that we see it is difficult to tell that something untoward has happened within a home. Sometimes it comes to light through reports from neighbors or residents detecting an odd smell or feeling unwell. The best way to determine if your home may have been used to manufacture methamphetamine or if it was smoked within the property is conduct Methamphetamine Residue Testing.

More information and details in our article “How to spot a meth lab” :

Currently in Australian the level deemed safe for habitation in a residential dwelling is <0.5ug per 100cm2 (10cm x 10cm surface area).

We answer the phone 24/7 for Methamphetamine Contamination Issues.

Our DIY Meth test kits are very straightforward to use, and they come with a full instruction card to explain how to carry your own meth test at home on various surfaces.

For more details about instructions, visit this page:

Drug and meth usage statistics

Interesting facts and figures about meth in Melbourne and Australia


Australians used Methamphetamine

6.3% or 1.3 million Australians over the age of 14 had ever used methamphetamine in 2016. Source


Drug induced deaths

In 2016, there were 1,808 drug induced deaths in Australia. That corresponds to 7.5 deaths per 100,000 people.


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