Meth Residue Testing Bendigo – The Meth Lab Issue

Meth in its Crystal Form

Meth labs are popping up all over the country, with most notable cases in Western Australia Perth, Queensland and New South Wales. Australia is in the middle of an ICE (Methamphetamine) epidemic and ranks among the top in the world in Meth usage.

A Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory, or meth lab is an illegal, clandestine operation aiming to produce or “cook” meth (also commonly known as crystal ice). Because Meth can be made with regular household items and with little experience and equipment, a meth lab can take place almost anywhere and is hardly detectable, as it can range from a small operation that can fit in a backpack or car boot to a large commercial operation.

The Danger of Meth Residue Decontamination in Bendigo

Many properties are found to be meth labs in Bendigo

The chemical residue associated with the production of methamphetamine sticks to various surfaces in a property, and not only it can be almost invisible, can be highly toxic to lethal.

Too often we see innocent people moving into a properly that was formerly a meth lab, an mysteriously constantly get sick and show symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath every time they are inside the house. This can happen even years after the meth lab is gone.

Other health risks can include intoxication, nausea, dizziness, and lack of coordination, pulmonary edema, serious respiratory problems, severe chemical burns and damage to internal organs if ingested by touching your nose, eyes or mouth after touching a contaminated surface.

How to spot a meth lab Bendigo

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Telltale signs of a drug lab

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Professional Meth Testing Services Bendigo

Meth lab testing Bendigo

We are a meth lab decontamination company located in Bendigo and servicing the entire state of Victoria. We can assist with the entire decontamination process from pre meth residue testing Bendigo, cleaning and decontamination to post cleanup testing.

Meth Lab Cleaners Bendigo provide property owners both a pre and post meth lab forensic testing results. Pre forensic testing can significantly reduce costs associated in the remediation process by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any furnishings or materials too contaminated to be cleaned.

The Need for Professional Meth Lab Cleaners

As the number of meth labs found across Australia rises, particularly Queensland, so does the need for experienced, trained and professional Meth Lab Decontamination Experts, in both urban and regional areas. Meth houses are regularly being uncovered in Bendigo, that is why a meth cleaning company needs to be available in all areas across Australia.

Melbourne Meth Testing specialises in all aspects of Meth Lab Decontamination and can assist you with meth lab testing and meth lab remediation service including clearance certificate. The appropriate remediation and decontamination of a property used as a meth lab is impossible without the correct training and qualifications to ensure a successful remediation.

Meth Residue Test Kits Bendigo – Drug Residue Test Kit for Homes

What’s a DIY Meth Test Kit?

DIY Meth Test Kit provide an effective and cost-efficient way to test for meth quickly in homes and vehicles. They are very simple and come with instruction cards to do your own DIY Meth Test and give you a positive or negative result of meth contamination under 5 minutes. If you are living in Bendigo, you can purchase meth test kits online.

Packs of 5 Meth Test Kits are available to buy online in Bendigo

A DIY Meth Test Kit

A Meth Test Kit cost from 60$ – 120$ while a meth cleaning costs can be in the range of $10,000. For this reason, always make sure to test for meth using a kit first as it can help you doing huge savings. A meth test kit provides a positive or negative result only, but does not tell you the actual level of contamination.

How to test your house for meth?

Using Meth Testing Kits

The Australia standard for meth contamination should be under 0.5ug/100cm² of meth. Using a meth test kits is an easy way to test if the contamination surpasses that threshold.

Laboratory Composite Meth Testing

Up to 10 readings are sampled and analysed together by our specialists, giving an average result of contamination levels inside the whole property.

Individual Laboratory Meth Testing

With a higher cost, an individual laboratory meth test have samples from each room analysed individually in a lab, giving an accurate reading room-by-room of levels of contamination. This test will allow us to prepare a remediation action plan.

More details on advantages and cons on Meth Residue Testing

Meth Lab Cleanup & Remediation

How to clean drug residue at home?

Each meth residue decontamination case is unique and can vary greatly in scope of work. This is not a type of work that regular cleaners using household items can do as they may not be able to fully clean and remediate areas affected by the toxic chemicals that make up meth residue.

Property owners for the safety of their property and their residents and can face significant charges ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars if a tenant becomes sick of meth residue. Moreover,  if a property is found contaminated, there is the cost of replacing fixtures, fittings, and all materials that are not able to be decontaminated. Protect yourself from liability and financial loss by hiring experts in meth testing and remediation. We will work with you to test if your property is safe to live, and help you saving money on remediation costs by singling out contaminated areas only and discarding items that can’t be cleaned.

If you would like to become a meth tester, check out our meth testing training courses.

How to clean drug residue in a car?

Same as properties, a full vehicle meth decontamination can be expensive but fortunately, the process is similar and meth can be tested with DIY Meth Testing Kits. We recommend to swab high touch areas such as steering wheel, plastic surfaces and dashboard. More information for vehicles on Sharps First.

If you have any questions, queries or doubts, you can reach us 24/7 on 1800 522 837.

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