10 x PACK DIY Meth Residue Testing Kit

10 x PACK DIY Meth Residue Testing Kit


114 in stock (can be backordered)

Home Meth Residue Testing Kits are designed for everyday people concerned their house, unit or even the back shed may have been used as a clandestine drub lab to manufacture illegal substances.

10 x Meth Residue Surface Testing Kits

Each Meth Testing Ki includes:

  • Meth Testing Kit Instructions + Brochure for what to do next if your surface tests positive to meth
  • 10 x Surface residue Test Cartridges
  • 10 x Sterile cotton swabs
  • 10 x Buffer Solution
  • 10 x 100cm2 sampling templates
  • An instruction card and a DIY test sheet

Our kits are highly accurate and will detect extremely low levels of methamphetamine surface contamination.

These meth residue test kits can be used to test any surface for methamphetamine residue in Houses, Sheds, Boats, Cars and even drug cooking/smoking utensils or suspicious items you might think have been part of a meth lab.

For bulk orders please call us on 1300 246 429

114 in stock (can be backordered)


10 Pack of DIY Meth Residue Test Kits – Designed to be presumptive and display a positive reading if above the Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines of 0.5 ug (micrograms). Testing a property for methamphetamine residue can now be completed ion less than 5 minuets using this surface detection drug residue Meth Testing kit.

Test any hard surface inside your home and the meth testing kits will detect the presence of methamphetamines if over a safe level. The control lines built in to these kits are extremely sensitive and can even detect meth contamination caused by users smoking the drug ice.

If your tenant has been manufacturing meth inside the home, these surface residue testing kits are perfect to determine if there is any methamphetamine contamination of the surfaces within the building. Good places to test include:

  • Kitchen range-hood or tops of cupboard doors
  • Bathroom and laundry ceiling extraction fans
  • Window sills and above door frames
  • Bedroom walls and ceiling fans
  • If you are concerned about potentially buying a house that has a dark history and may potentially have been used to cook meth then a simple meth residue test will give you an instant onsite answer.Each DIY Home Meth Residue Test Kit contains step by step instructions and all the tools to ensure your sample is accurate. Don’t trust other kits that do not test the the Australian guideline levelsIf the reading is positive the next step is to arrange detailed Lab Testing to determine how high the level of contamination in each room really is. To find out more about testing your house for Meth, check our FAQ page or call 1300 246 429 to speak with a HAZMAT accredited meth lab remediation technician.


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